Learn What You Can Do to Protect Your Roof from the Hot Summer Heat

Is it hot enough for ya today?! With this, the third heat wave of summer 2013, we New Englanders have the tall task of keeping ourselves and our pets cool in the sweltering humidity. But, it’s important, too, to be cognizant of the fact that the summer sun can do a number on our homes.

The heat from the sun can cause a roof to heat up to around scorching 160 degrees Fahrenheit! As nighttime falls, the roof’s surface may get down to a “cool” 90 degrees. Big-time changes like this cause roofing materials to contract and expand. This can result in loose flashing or fasteners that are working double-duty to handle all that pushing and pulling that’s taxing your roof.

Contraction and expansion of your roof isn’t the only potential issue. The sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays, coupled with infrared radiation, can severely damage a roof, especially one comprised of asphalt shingles that’s not properly protected. This can lead to the untimely deterioration of the shingles.

Fortunately, there are roof-coating products on the market that put your roof in better position to defend itself against those harmful rays—think sunblock for your roof! This type of coating can go 10-15 years without reapplication. When researching roof coatings—a popular brand is AcryShield—pay attention to “reflectivity” and “emissivity,”  which help drive the heat away from your home and radiate heat upwards, back into the air.

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