Tips for Creating a Luxurious Basement Bedroom Retreat

If your family is running out of space, it could be great time to consider adding a basement bedroom to your home. The benefits from a basement bedroom abound—by adding a bonus bedroom you can accommodate a growing family without having to move to a new house. Also, a basement bedroom can serve as a splendid retreat for your overnight guests to enjoy!

Many people think the basement is off limits when they’re thinking about expanding their living space, but RemodelWerks wants you to know that concerns about darkness and dampness can be alleviated with the expert know-how of an experienced and respected design/build team that stands behind its work with a generous guarantee on its remodeling work.

RemodelWerks, which offers a five year guarantee, has remodeled many basements, transforming them into colorful, comfortable and most importantly livable spaces. We’ve got years of experience and as award-winning NARI-certified remodelers, we’re equipped to handle the unexpected challenges that may arise with a basement bedroom remodeling project.

Here are some of the key issues to consider as you think about your remodeling project that will transform an otherwise dingy space into a luxurious basement bedroom retreat.

Pay attention to insulating the basement so that the new bedroom has good noise and climate control. The last thing you want is to have a good-looking basement bedroom that’s super drafty in the winter or extra noisy when there’s activity going on in other parts of the house.

Consider where the ingresses and egresses will be in the basement bedroom. This is an important thing to consider, and one that RemodelWerks takes very seriously. It’s important to know about any specific building codes concerning escape routes that may apply to your basement bedroom. Also, talk to your contractor about the possibility of adding large windows to the space when possible. Windows will open up the space and can serve an effective escape route in the event of an emergency.

Think about leaving existing ceiling beams exposed and paint the area a dark color to give the space a sense of great height while painting the room a nice neutral yet warm color of your choice to capitalize on the amount of natural light in the space. Or, if want a drywall or dropped ceiling, make your wishes known to your contractor before the project begins.

Talk to your contractor about your basement flooring options before the project gets underway. It’s important not to overlook the importance of selecting flooring that’s acceptable for basement use. RemodelWerks is here to help guide you through your basement flooring options.

Also, don’t forget the all-important basement bedroom lighting. You don’t want garish lighting since this should be a place for a peaceful retreat. Instead, consider recessed lighting, softly glowing ceiling fixtures and wall sconces to give your basement bedroom the proper lighting needed to relax in comfort!

If you have questions about remodeling your basement into a fabulous bedroom retreat, contact RemodelWerks today. for your free, no-obligation consultation. We use cutting-edge 3D architectural technology to bring your vision to life!

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