Four Tips to Get Your Kitchen Remodeling Juices Flowing

For the past couple of weeks, RemodelWerks has been talking about research that shows home remodeling is likely to rise as the economic recovery continues and more folks become motivated to turn their glorious kitchen redesign plans into a reality.

Here are some tips to get those kitchen remodeling juices flowing:

Focus on modern, clean lines—Think fewer cabinets and more open areas of shelving to give your kitchen a more airy vibe. Also, consider going more minimal with cabinetry hardware to give the space a sleek, sophisticated and crisp look. Balance the crispness of the sleek cabinetry with some painted pieces and unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, such as granite and marble countertops adorned in earthly, vibrant and inherently unique colors and patterns.

Nix that formal dining room in favor of a larger eat-in-kitchen—Older homes generally provide good bones for kitchen renovations, but sometimes at greater expense than the homeowner’s budget provides. Rather than adding square footage in the way of a full-on addition to your existing kitchen, consider incorporating the existing dining room into the new kitchen layout. Opt for an eat-in-kitchen that’s good for eating and for entertaining.

Get inspired by restaurant workstations—Traditionally in kitchen design, you’ve got a work triangle, with the sink, stove, and refrigerator comprising the essential three points. While this is an effective design, one up-and-coming trend is to follow more of a restaurant-style kitchen where your workstations reflect the type of activities you’re performing. For example, you could have a baking area and your mixer housed nearby in the base cabinet below the counter surface where you roll your dough, or a preparation area with a small sink near the main sink, which could be great for cutting up vegetables and prepping other foods.

Plan ahead by thinking about all of your gadgets—Let’s face it, we live in a 24/7 technologically driven society. Why not make sure that your redesigned kitchen, the heart of every home, includes a docking area—home base for the families’ smartphones, complete with charging stations, mail, keys and other essentials that make the household world go round. With a carefully crafted design plan, the docking station can be seamlessly incorporated into your kitchen, perhaps hidden behind a “garage-like” slide-up door on the counter.

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