What to Discuss with the Contractor Before the Remodeling Gets Underway

“It’s a major thing I do and talk about before a project starts but most contractors don’t care enough to discuss,” Joe Kupstas, president and general contractor for RemodelWerks, Central Massachusetts’ premier design/build firm, says.

The “it” to which Joe is referring is the meeting he has with his remodeling clients before any work is performed to discuss several—often overlooked—issues that can have a major impact on the client’s remodeling experience.

Here are RemodelWerks’ thoughts on what you absolutely should discuss with your general contractor before the remodeling work gets underway:

Scheduling—Get those anticipated remodeling project start and end dates in writing. While delays may be inevitable, as the client, you deserve to know where the project is at on a weekly or even more regular basis in more time-sensitive cases.

Interior Design—You’ve picked the cabinetry for your kitchen remodel but have you also considered how the flow of the 3D rendering of your soon-to-be built kitchen will affect the rest of your home? Have you considered how features in the kitchen will tie in to your other rooms, be it with crown molding, paint color, etc.? It’s important to discuss a complete interior design plan before you get underway with your home remodeling project so you can achieve a cohesive and thoughtful remodel that complements other parts of your home.

Clean Up—When a remodeling crew comes into your living space it can feel like a demolition derby is launching an attack on the homestead if you’re not prepared for what to expect. Discuss how the work zone will be isolated from the rest of the house to minimize the likelihood of dust and debris being tracked into other parts of your home. Also, RemodelWerks recommends finding out how often the contractor will clean the worksite. A reputable crew cleans up at the end of each workday so the jobsite is ready to go when “the whistle sounds” on the next workday.

Storing Your Precious Cargo—Demolition and the subsequent remodeling project cannot begin until the space has been cleared of your personal belongings. This is a detail that should never be overlooked. Discuss with your general contractor plans to rent a portable on-demand storage unit, commonly referred to as a POD. Often, a contractor can take care of dropping off and picking up the POD for you, so it’s important to ask about this before the remodeling job gets underway.

Electrical, Lighting & Plumbing—Discuss plans to upgrade, add or move electrical boxes, lighting, switches and outlets, as well as plans to moving plumbing pipes or heating units before the remodeling project starts. Electrical and plumbing/heating upgrades can get mighty pricey, which could blow a hole through that precious budget if they aren’t addressed until the remodeling project gets underway.

Anything Else You Can Think Of!—If you have a question or concern that’s not on this list, just ask. A licensed, reputable and professional remodeling professional will be happy to answer any and all of your questions and concerns. If the contractor doesn’t adequately address your concerns, that could be a sign that the contractor you’ve selected is not right for you.

RemodelWerks is a NARI-certified remodeler, and Joe and his team pride themselves on quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

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