Reflections on What Homeowners Wish They’d Known Before Starting a Remodel

Here at RemodelWerks, we’ve walked countless homeowners through the remodeling process—from bringing their initial vision to life using cutting-edge 3D design technology to plot out their new space, firming up their budget and obtaining the necessary permits from their towns to demolishing walls, cabinets, flooring and other features that must come out so the new design can come in! Finally, we continue to deliver high-quality construction services and finish work to give our clients’ phenomenal new spaces they can enjoy for years to come.The fact is, though, sometimes we’re not the first contractor on the job. That means sometimes we must correct things that may not have been done properly in the first place. Fortunately, we’ve got years of custom design/build experience so we are not intimidated by this. But, we’d like to share with you some of the top things homeowners often tell us they wish they’d done right in the first place.

First up: Not addressing architectural issues that are an eyesore or don’t allow them to fully utilize their space. Say for instance you’ve got a living room with small windows. You’ve remodeled the kitchen with an open floor plan spilling into the living room, but the living room still doesn’t get a lot of light because of its small windows. A better pre-remodel design solution would have been to build in plans to expand the number of windows in the living room or remove a section of wall to make room for a beautiful bay or picture window.

Next, when homeowners hire an inexperienced contractor they may get into trouble in the measuring department. A seasoned carpenter follows the mantra “measure twice, cut once.” It’s important to ensure that the construction firm you hire is meticulous about measuring prior to making any cuts! For additional information, we urge you to check out our recent blog post on how to select a general contractor for home construction or remodeling projects. 

Also, we sometimes see homeowners who are disappointed to see that their contractor has cut corners, most likely to save the contractor some time. Here at RemodelWerks, our team is highly skilled and highly conscientious, and we don’t rush to cut corners. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction. That’s why we offer an exceptional five year guarantee on our work. If an issue arises, even a small one, our goal is to make it right for you!

Finally, sometimes homeowners are misdirected to spend their budgets on things that aren’t really must-haves. At RemodelWerks we recognize that every homeowner’s budget and needs may be different, so we work with our clients on an individual basis to come up with a design plan that works great for them and makes smart resale sense, too. Say for instance, you’re pinching pennies to save on a kitchen remodel but you’ve opted for a deep espresso color for the cabinets. In that case, we would recommend adding some undercabinet lighting to brighten up the space. It may add a few hundred dollars to the job, but in the long run, it will be well worth it because it will add ambience to your new space and keep it from appearing too dark.

Are there other remodeling issues you’re concerned about? Please contact RemodelWerks today for your free, no-obligation consultation. We are the premier 3-D residential and commercial design/build firm in Massachusetts, including Central Massachusetts, Metro West and the Boston area. Our goal is to provide every client with exceptional customer service and a superior five year guarantee on all of our work. We are passionate about every aspect of the design/build process, and we have the credentials, insurance and professional experience necessary to successfully complete your job, and if you have questions on any of those things, all you have to do is ask!

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