Commercial Remodels Can Present Unique Challenges

No one wants to find out that their planned design/build project is going over schedule. It’s bad enough when it happens to a homeowner, but the delay can prove particularly disastrous when the client is a commercial business, and especially when that business provides health-related services. Doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other medical professionals can’t leave their patients “in the waiting room” while renovations are being completed!

Take a recent “10-Day Challenge” Joe Kupstas, now owner of RemodelWerks, spearheaded. This was a 10-day remodel project of Dr. John Scheffel’s Worcester-based podiatry practice.

Joe had just 10 days to gut and renovate 2,000 square feet of office space because Dr. Scheffel had to, understandably, reopen for business the following Monday. This is not an uncommon scenario for a business owner. After all, the days you’re closed to a renovation is typically a day of business lost.

RemodelWerks, which specializes in commercial as well as residential design+builds, understands this. That’s why we encourage you to work with a general contractor who has established and maintained longstanding relationships with reliable and professional vendors, like cabinet designers, plumbers and electricians.

With our subcontractors at the ready to address commercial design/build hiccups as they arise, RemodelWerks is poised to get your business back up and running in your newly designed and remodeled space on time and on budget, so you can resume your work!

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