Why It’s Cool to Be a Cellar Dweller!

This time of year a cool, dry basement can provide much needed respite from the hot, muggy summer air! Plus, dwelling, at least part of the time, in the cellar can be a way to enjoy ample, usable living space.

RemodelWerks knows what you may be thinking: “My basement isn’t a livable space!” Au contraire potential cellar dwellar! Many of RemodelWerks prior clients didn’t think their basements were either—at least not until we turned them into believers using our cutting-edge 3D design technology that showed them how we could take their cellars from drab to fab given our award-winning team’s experience and know-how!

Here at RemodelWerks we’ve turned many damp and dingy basements into showstopping entertaining spaces and in-law apartments. If you’re considering becoming a cellar dweller, consider the following:

· A basement, when designed and remodeled correctly, adds oodles of usable square footage—how does an extra 600 to 800 square feet of living space sound?!

· A basement remodeling project can yield great results that infuse much-needed functionality into a home you think you and your family have just about outgrown. Some phenomenal basement remodeling ideas include a new home office, a state-of-the art media room, a convenient laundry room, built-in custom storage units—the list goes on!

· The basement is close to plumbing, electrical, and sewer/septic line central! This means you’ll generally spend less money rerouting must-have wires, pipes, and other essentials during a basement remodel involving the installation of, say, a new bathroom.

· Unlike a new addition, a basement remodel doesn’t require the builder to dig for new footings, and the words “structural loads” don’t need to enter your vocabulary.

· All (or at least in most cases) stairs lead to the basement, so there’s generally no need to add a flight of stairs to the main living space!

Keep in mind that a basement remodel generally isn’t a DIY project. That ‘s because it’s prone to moisture, or in some cases large amounts of water, which can cause mildew and mold It’s important to hire a reputable design/build firm to address issues of water before starting a basement remodeling project. Here at RemodelWerks we’re well versed at the types of materials, including flooring options that work best for a finished basement, and we offer an exceptional five year guarantee on all our work!

What are you waiting for? Become a cellar dwellar just like countless other satisfied RemodelWerks clients! Contact RemodelWerks today for your free, no obligation consultation.

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