4 top remodeling trends: Which project will you get a jump on right now?

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or kitchen, you want to replace windows and doors, or you’d like to embark on a journey to have your whole house remodeled you are not alone!

In fact, according to a recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), right now remodelers are mighty busy performing these types of home renovations, the Houston Chronicle reported recently.

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Four Tips to Get Your Kitchen Remodeling Juices Flowing

For the past couple of weeks, RemodelWerks has been talking about research that shows home remodeling is likely to rise as the economic recovery continues and more folks become motivated to turn their glorious kitchen redesign plans into a reality.

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Survey reveals now may be a good time to remodel your home

Remodeling projects are on the rise, according to recent poll by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The AIA, which has surveyed 500 architects every quarter to gather data for its Home Design Trend Survey,  found that homeowners amped up their remodeling projects for two quarters in a row for the first time since the start of the economic disaster that began in 2007, the Baltimore Business Journal reported recently.

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Mass. Real Estate Rebound: Five Areas to Remodel in Anticipation of Home Sale

Has the Massachusetts’ housing market bottomed out? Are home prices on their way toward making the steady climb that will benefit homeowners who are thinking about selling? RemodelWerks thinks it appears so!

According to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, August 2012 was the 14th month in a row for year-over-year sales increases. August also represented the first time since spring 2010 when sales exceeded 5,000 homes—that was the last month a federal homebuyer tax credit was in effect, the Worcester Telegram & Gazette reported this week.

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Four Issues to Consider When Remodeling Your Master Bath

Are you thinking about remodeling your existing master bath or building an addition to your home to host a luxurious master bath suite?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place! RemodelWerks is Central Massachusetts’ premier design/build firm, and we’ve got loads of experience transforming outdated, tiny bathrooms into showstopping master suites with a slew of modern amenities our clients crave—think walk-in shower, sauna, jetted Jacuzzi tub, as well as any other options that you think should be in your dream master bath suite.

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My Remodeling Project Is Worth What in Resale Value?

If you’re considering a minor or major remodel for your home or commercial space, RemodelWerks is here to help you plan and execute your dream plans—every step of the way. One question that comes up often is, “What kind of return on investment can I expect from a remodel?” Good question, and one that certainly should factor into your decision on how far to go with renovating your space!

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Three Remodeling & Design Trends to Consider for 2012

Are you gearing up to redesign and remodel your home by the end of 2012? If so, great! RemodelWerks knows now is a great time to amp up your efforts.

As you get started on your residential redesign and remodel we want you to think about some hot remodeling trends for 2012.

First, while the economy is improving, design/build firms are still seeing more folks sticking with their current surroundings rather than “trading up” for bigger, better living spaces. That by no means indicates homeowners should settle for less, though.

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