3D Rendering of a Basement Remodel in Shrewsbury Massachusetts

Fun Elements to Add to Your Basement Remodel (and a few things you cannot forget!)

Adding fun and unique elements to a basement remodeling project can transform the space into an exciting and versatile area of your home. Here are ten ideas that homeowners can consider:

  1. Home Theater: Equip your basement with a large screen or projector, surround sound system, and comfortable theater-style seating. This creates an immersive movie-watching experience right in your home.
  2. Built-in Bar or Wine Cellar: A custom bar or a dedicated wine cellar can be a great addition for entertaining. Include features like a mini-fridge, wine racks, a sink, and stylish lighting to create a sophisticated atmosphere.
  3. Gaming Area: Dedicate a space for video gaming with a large TV, comfortable seating, and soundproofing. For a retro touch, add a couple of classic arcade games or a pinball machine.
  4. Indoor Sports Court: If space allows, an indoor sports court for basketball, volleyball, or even a mini-golf putting green can provide endless entertainment for all ages.
  5. Creative Studio: Set up an area for arts and crafts, music, or other hobbies. Include storage for supplies, good lighting, and worktables or easels.
  6. Sauna or Steam Room: For relaxation and a spa-like experience, consider adding a sauna or steam room to your basement. This can be especially enjoyable in colder climates.
  7. Climbing Wall: A climbing wall can be a unique and fun feature, particularly in a family home. Ensure it’s professionally installed and safety measures are in place.
  8. Library or Reading Nook: Create a cozy corner with built-in bookshelves, comfortable chairs or a window seat, and soft lighting for a peaceful reading area.
  9. Pool or Ping Pong Table: These classic games are great for entertaining and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They don’t require a lot of space and can often be combined with other activities in a multi-functional space.
  10. Home Gym or Yoga Studio: Designate a space for health and fitness with gym equipment, a yoga mat area, and mirrors. This can be a motivating and convenient way to stay active.

When planning these additions, consider the available space, your budget, and how each feature will fit into your lifestyle. It’s also important to ensure that your basement has the necessary structural support, ventilation, and moisture control to accommodate these features safely and comfortably.


When planning a basement remodel, there are several important aspects that homeowners sometimes overlook. Paying attention to these details can make a significant difference in the functionality, comfort, and overall success of the project. Here are a few key things that are often forgotten:

  1. Adequate Lighting: Basements typically lack natural light, and homeowners sometimes underestimate the amount of artificial lighting needed. It’s important to plan for a mix of general, task, and accent lighting to create a bright and welcoming space.
  2. Moisture and Water Damage Prevention: Basements are prone to moisture issues. Homeowners may forget to address waterproofing, proper insulation, and humidity control. Ensuring these are in place is crucial to prevent mold growth and water damage.
  3. Soundproofing: Noise transfer between the basement and the rest of the house is a common issue. Soundproofing the ceiling and walls can help create a more enjoyable and private space, especially if the basement will be used for entertainment or as a living area.
  4. Storage Solutions: In the excitement of creating new living spaces, adequate storage can be overlooked. Incorporating built-in storage, closets, or a designated area for utility items is important to keep the basement organized and clutter-free.
  5. Heating and Cooling Considerations: Basements can be cooler than the rest of the house. It’s important to ensure that the heating and cooling system is extended appropriately to the basement, or consider alternative solutions like baseboard heaters or a fireplace.
  6. Ceiling Height and Layout: Homeowners sometimes forget to consider the impact of ductwork, pipes, and beams on ceiling height and layout. Planning around these elements is crucial for a comfortable and functional space.
  7. Egress Requirements: For safety and legal compliance, basements used as living spaces must have proper egress windows or doors. These requirements are often overlooked in the planning stages.
  8. Permits and Building Codes: Obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to local building codes is critical. Skipping this step can lead to problems with insurance, future home sales, and even safety.
  9. Future Flexibility: Designing the basement with future needs in mind, such as potential changes in family size or different uses of the space, is often neglected.
  10. Lighting and Electrical Outlets: Adequate electrical outlets and thoughtfully placed switches are often forgotten. Planning for these based on how the space will be used can add convenience and functionality.

By addressing these aspects, homeowners can ensure a more successful and enjoyable outcome for their basement remodeling project.

Fall in Love with Remodeling for Autumn

As temperatures start to drop here in New England, it’s natural that we start to stay inside more. So why not stay inside at a home that we love? Here at RemodelWerks we have completed countless projects that have made our clients fall in love with their home all over again.

Why is fall the perfect time to remodel your home? For starters- it’s the perfect temperature. It’s not too hot, yet it’s not too cold. Along with that, it’s the perfect time to prepare for winter.

Massachusetts winters come along with heavy snow and sometimes even roof damage. Winter may seem far away, but sometimes we get winter weather starting in late October, which is why roof replacement is something to consider his fall. Replace your roof to ensure that you don’t have to worry this winter! Roof replacements are important since they will give you a structurally sound roof that will give your home better attic insulation and proper ventilation which leads to fewer air leaks. What are air leaks? Well, they could be the reason that your cooling and heating bills are so high. It’s when outside air enters your home uncontrollably through openings or cracks. RemodelWerks can help you prevent air leaks or roof damage in order to ensure that your home stays safe and sound this season.

Another way to keep your home comfy and cozy is to replace your windows and doors. Windows and doors typically need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years since over time, windows and doors tend to become less effective at blocking the weather out.

As you get ready for all of your season favorites like pumpkin spice and football, you may want to consider getting an addition to your home. Is the man of the house too loud when his favorite team isn’t doing so well during the football game? Move the TV to a newly finished basement or an addition to your home made just for him. We think he’d love a man cave. Hosting people during those football games? We can turn your basement into a full bar area that will sit perfectly next to the tv. If you find yourself getting into a new hobby that requires more space (fitness, crafting, etc.) then you might want to consider getting an addition for your home to make a home gym or your dream crafting room.

Whatever you dream of, we can do. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do to make your home even more comfortable and welcoming this fall! Be sure to also follow us on our social media pages to keep up with all of our fall projects (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn).

Questions To Ask Before Starting A Remodel

Recently we featured the questions every homeowner should ask before hiring a general contractor. But choosing the best professional for a project is just the beginning. What comes next is equally as important. You want to be sure you’re prepared for your project by following up with your contractor on the specifics. Consider consulting your contractor with these additional questions before any remodeling occurs.

1. How long will the project take? 

Not only is it important to understand when the project will start and end, but it is helpful to know if there are expected dates for material arrival. Every remodel is different, and the same goes for selections. However, no matter the selections be it flooring, cabinetry, etc, asking about anticipated dates reassures you as a client that there is structure and planning within the expected timeline. If for any reason the project extends longer, a schedule can exist as a reference for further understanding. 

2. What is the best way to communicate/What does your communication look like?

If you are living elsewhere during your remodel, knowing whether or not your contractor will update you on progress or setbacks might be of importance for you. How this communication will occur, whether over the phone (via text or call) or email will keep you on the lookout on the appropriate device. Additionally, asking how often you should expect to hear from the contractor allows you to be more flexible in your schedule if there are days/times he/she expects to provide an update.

3. Who will be on site, and how will they protect my property?

Depending on the size of your project or the scope of work, there may be a lot of people on site. If the number of people at your house is a concern, asking upfront before the remodeling begins helps you absorb the information at hand. With many people working, there are many tasks to be done. Knowing if and how someone will lock up your house at the end of each day can give you the peace of mind you deserve as a homeowner. 

This question can also pertain to how your items inside the house will be protected during renovations to prevent any damage. Will you have to temporarily move furniture out, or is it realistic to work around that which you are keeping? Understanding if there is anything you can do before the remodel to assist in the process or protection of any household items could help expedite the renovation process.   

4. Where do you store materials when they arrive?

Typically selections are chosen before the start of the renovation, making their ordering process more efficient. In the schedule, there may be dates already allotted for when materials will be ordered and how long they will take to arrive. Once they do arrive, knowing where they will be stored, if someone will be on site to confirm the order, etc helps assure the materials are protected. A contractor may confirm whether or not storing the materials on the property is acceptable or if it’s preferred they’re stored elsewhere.

5. Do you suggest finding a place to stay during the duration of the remodel?

Some homeowners prefer to live in the house during their renovations, but the task is certainly not for everyone. If you are still deciding on where to stay, consult your contractor. They know better than anyone the extent of the project and if it could affect the daily chores of your life. The primary construction that consists of loud drilling or constant movement around the space may occur during your own personal workday. So at the end of the day, even if you do come home to a renovation in progress, at least you’ll come home to quiet.

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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A General Contractor

Before remodeling your home, it’s important to understand who you’re working with. The best way to get to know the right contractor is by asking the right questions. At the end of the day, you may choose the professional with the most experience, but it is still crucial to gather as much information as you need to decide the best fit for you and your project.

#1 How long have you been in business?

Knowing how long a company has been in business can provide perspective as to how much experience the contractor has or if they need to continue to grow further. Some contractors however, have practiced technical or honed skills prior to entering a business. These qualities can be helpful in determining the type of contractor you feel most comfortable entrusting with your project’s needs. RemodelWerks CEO, Joe Kupstas has over 28 years of experience in the business. RemodelWerks launched its award-winning business in 2012.

#2 Are you a licensed contractor?

License certification requirements vary depending on the city, state, or even country in which you live. Asking about your potential contractors credentials ensures they have gone through all the necessary avenues to be certified in your region. Their license number also allows you as a homeowner to see if they have any previous information relating to their work including a history of claims.

#3 How many similar projects have you done before?

Just because a contractor is certified in the area of expertise for which you are in need of, does not mean they are the best professional for the job. By inquiring about similar projects, you can develop a sense of whether or not the contractor is highly qualified enough for your scope of work. 

#4 What does your work procedure from beginning to end of the day look like?

When the contractor or any subcontractors begin work is a useful question to have answered for the sake of knowing if and how long workers will be at your house during your congruent work day. In terms of procedures, having an idea of their process, anticipated storage for tools, and what their clean-up consists of at the end of each day allows you to envision what to expect during construction. 

#5 Is there a warranty on services/products?

A majority of contractors have a form of warranty on their work or products like a manufacturer’s guarantee. Knowing what the warranties are exactly and how long they extend can give you peace of mind if something needs replacement or repair.  RemodelWerks has a superior 5-Year Warranty.

#6 What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Getting a contractor’s business information including a phone number, cell or business, and a business address is one of the most important details to obtain when interviewing or hiring a contractor. Asking what method of communication is preferred, the best times to contact him,  and when you should expect a response is crucial to maintaining an open and effective line of communication. 

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5 Design/Build Companies To Follow on Instagram

Looking for future remodeling ideas or new accounts to follow? We took a page out of Emily’s Interiors book and are sharing our favorite design build companies Instagram pages!

Dive into the world of design build with these five accounts!

1. @Greystreetdesignllc

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Grey Street Design, LLC customizes and creates spaces that fit their clients style and function. With an attention to detail and good design, their remodels make clients feel right at home. Featuring unique takes on “his” and “hers” kitchens, Grey Street Design engages all members in an exciting design journey. We can’t wait to see where their American Classic home renovation journey will take them!

2. @Bellweatherllc

With over 25 years of dedication to the industry, Bellweather Design-Build is certainly a prevailing force in the Philadelphia area. Designing and producing kitchens galore, their feed is nothing short of refreshing. As an Instagram follower, you feel like part of the experience from start to finish. Learning about team members, staying informed with design selections, seeing renderings, and awaiting the photos of the final reveal, keeps you on your toes the whole time.

3. @Bentonhomebuildersstl

From exterior revamps to interior renovations, Benton Homebuilders offers new construction services that brighten and beautify the space you live. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Benton Homebuilders work alongside clients to design the floor plan and finishes that fit the homeowners. There is always something new to look at among their feed and could have us scrolling for days.

4. @Harthbuilders

We can’t ignore the rich wood tones in Harth Builders feed. At first glance, the designs are so lively, and upon second glance of the before picture, the after shot remains that much more stunning. Their commitment to quality and cleanliness is showcased in each one of their projects. Every bathroom, bedroom, and new build is brought to life with the help of Harth Builders. 

5. @meltondesignbuild

Clean lines and close ups describe the feed of Melton Design Build. Their projects showcase everything from modern designs to bright whites and pops of color. Having been the first remodeling firm in Boulder, Colorado to earn the Building Analyst Professional Certification, Melton Design Build displays levels of sophistication and dedication to their clients satisfaction. Their attention to detail and passion for their craft certainly can’t be denied.    

Keep an eye on our social media feeds as we continue to share company updates, finished products and more of our favorite industry follows! We are on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Whether renovating an ensuite bath, a kitchen, or the whole home, we’re here to help you master your remodel. From quick tips on how to spend your down time, to advice on living amid each project, by the end of this read, you’ll know exactly how to master a major remodel.

Find The Right Professional:

Before accidentally knocking down a load bearing wall yourself, connect with a trusted professional that understands your needs and provides consistent, superior customer service. Ask yourself, does the company go above and beyond to ensure the experience you deserve? With our team of designers, we digitally render a space in both existing and proposed conditions for our clients to visualize their space before the start of construction. With our process, we make the remodeling experience a breeze and even provide a five-year guarantee on all of our work. No matter the company you choose, make sure it’s a company you can trust throughout your project.

Next Steps – Prepping For Your Remodel:

After finding the right professional for you, don’t be afraid to be proactive and ask questions. When undergoing a renovation, preparation is everything. Before lifting a finger, or rather a hammer, make sure to confirm your design plans and selections to avoid any surprises. There’s no better time to double-check finishes or furnishings that are staying put than before construction begins. As soon as your design is confirmed, you’re ready to roll.

Almost There – Conquer Living With Construction:

With all remodels, there’s always an adjustment period. You’ll need to be ready to optimize the function of the spaces you have to accommodate the spaces that are under construction. This means leveraging half baths and showering at the gym – or leveraging a full bath if available. As for kitchen renovations, find a temporary outlet for a microwave and remember all good things take time. In the end, all your preparations and minor adjustments will be worth the wait of your brand-new renovated space.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy

The best part of undergoing a remodel is looking back to see how far your space has come. So take pictures, embrace the process, and indulge in your new home. You can finally sit back and relax because you will have mastered your remodel.

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How to Know You Chose the Right Remodeling Company

Whether it be a bathroom, kitchen, or basement remodel, any home alteration is a huge undertaking. Partnering with a remodeling company is a smart choice, but how do you know the partner you chose is right for you? Here are a few signs that will assure you that you’ve made the right decision and that the remodeling process is about to be a dream come true.

Creative & Thorough

From the start, the remodeling company you have chosen should be offering you a customized experience tailored to your style and budget. The company should provide you with options as well as suggestions that match your needs. Most importantly the company should be up front about their process so that there are no surprises towards the project’s completion.

Extensive Experience

The company you have chosen should have a wide variety of experience when it comes to all aspects of Interior and Exterior Remodeling and Custom Building. A bonus: they have the awards to prove they are outstanding at what they do.

Superior Customer Service

The team you have chosen should be not only respectful but attentive. If they are the right company, they will keep you updated throughout the entire process. You will feel at ease knowing your home is in good hands. Your satisfaction is what should matter most to the company. Do they have good customer reviews? Let those speak for themselves!

Warranty or Leave

Make sure the company you have chosen is offering you a warranty. The company’s involvement shouldn’t end when they complete the job. If it’s a great company, they will stay in touch and follow up on their work for years to come.

PS: Don’t Let Price Be a Deciding Factor

Basing your decision on finding the cheapest company is one of the biggest mistakes’ customers make. The cheapest company usually won’t provide the highest quality workmanship or an enjoyable experience. In fact, the best way to price a remodel is to set your budget first and then plan your remodel based on that.

Does the company you’ve chosen check all these boxes? If yes, then you are in good shape! If not, check out RemodelWerks. RemodelWerks is a full-service Kitchen & Bath, Addition, Basement, Custom Remodeling, and Whole House Design Build Remodeling Firm servicing Shrewsbury East Massachusetts into Boston. We are a fully licensed and insured team of remodeling specialist using 3D Design Technology. Contact us for your next project today.

4 Elements of a Great Basement Entertainment Area

Design Build Home Improvement Contracting – Basement Recreation Room


Looking for ideas on what to include in your brand new basement entertainment area? Whether your basement is large or small, there are plenty of options on how to make it great for entertainment. When remodeling your basement for entertaining, here are four elements to include to make it a truly great retreat for your family and guests.


Space for Pool/Billiards, Ping Pong, and Other Tabletop Games


A basement entertainment area doesn’t seem complete without a pool table. Billiards are one of the most popular games played in basements, so why not have one in yours? Is pool not your thing? Having a ping pong table in the basement is another great idea. Believe it or not, basement ping pong even has its own rules!


Want both games but don’t have the space? You could get a convertible pool table or ping pong table. Not only could you go back and forth between pool and ping pong, but you could even have air hockey or other surfaces for other games. When designing your basement entertainment space, be sure to keep this area of flexibility in mind.


TV/Entertainment Center


Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch a movie or a favorite show. Basement home theaters are more popular than ever today. You could also build in a gaming center with consoles such as XBox and Playstation. There are many different ways to build a basement entertainment center. You can build it on a budget, or you can go all out by adding soundproofing for a true theater experience! Your contractor can provide you with all of the options.


Bar & Sink


Basement bars are one of the most sought after entertaining areas for the home. They can be big or small, with a little or a lot of seating. Any basement bar should be complete with a sink and probably at least a small fridge. You could even make space for a dishwasher if you’re planning on having lots of guests. Ask your contractor what would work best for your home.


Bathroom with Possible Shower Stall


Extra bathrooms are welcome in any house. Who wants to run upstairs for a bathroom break? If games of ping pong get particularly competitive in your home, you may want a hot shower afterward. In that case, it’s not hard to have your contractor install a shower stall. Just be sure to have the necessary plumbing!


While not every basement may have room for all four of these elements, a great basement remodeler will work with you to create a basement entertainment area that you won’t believe is actually inside of your own home!

Basement Home Office

Running a business out of your home? Whether it’s part-time or full-time, you’ve probably found yourself wanting for a dedicated space that won’t be invaded by other parts of your life. Sometimes, a spare bedroom or random nook in the home becomes a designated office space. But more often than not, an office is usually the dining room table or shoved off in a corner or against a wall in a bedroom or den. The best solution is often a basement home office.

basement-home-officeThere are a few ways to approach a basement home office. In some cases, you may run a business where it may be useful to have clients visit you at your home. But you want a designated space that can be made separate from the rest of your house. If you have an easily accessible outdoor entry to your basement, you may consider this as an ideal location for a home office. You can then close it off from the rest of the home except for a door that you can lock so people don’t wander around your house. You may even decide to have a small half-bath or powder room off of the office. Not only does this make for a great convenience for you, but also for potential clients.

What if you don’t have an easy outdoor access? This doesn’t really matter if you don’t care if clients are going to be visiting you. If it’s just a private office, you can really put it anywhere that makes the most sense based on the layout of your home. The primary things that you need in any home office are sufficient electrical outlets, a strong internet connection (wifi is best), and enough space to store a computer, accessories, file cabinets, and any other materials to which you need consistent access. Also, you want plenty of lighting. Natural light is always best. Try not to make it too harsh, as this isn’t good for anyone’s eyes.

Beyond the obvious usefulness of a dedicated office space, you can even get a federal income tax deduction in the United States if you use the space for business on a regular basis. It’s based on your net business income, and can greatly offset the costs of actually operating the home office. Especially if you are in business for yourself, this is a very useful way of absorbing some of your expenses. It may only be a few hundred or a couple thousand dollars, but every dollar counts. This is one major reason why having a dedicated space that you can properly measure in square footage is so helpful. Of course, you need to make sure that your space qualifies, and Investopedia has some good advice regarding the home office tax deduction qualifications.

As far as resale value, they only pay back about 50 percent of what they cost to construct. But if you make it large enough, add a closet and enough natural light, you could later market it as a spare bedroom. It all depends on the buyer and a designated office space can even be a solid selling point. Whether it’s to save a bit of money on your taxes or just to avoid the headaches of sharing house space with the rest of your life, a home office is a solid investment.

Shrewsbury Homeowner asks: Laminate, Natural, or Engineered Stone Countertops?

Granite countertops are still the most popular choice among homeowners doing kitchen remodels. Even though many other options exist on today’s market, the natural charm and uniqueness of granite slabs continue to wow homeowners and potential homebuyers alike.