Three Remodeling & Design Trends to Consider for 2012

Are you gearing up to redesign and remodel your home by the end of 2012? If so, great! RemodelWerks knows now is a great time to amp up your efforts.

As you get started on your residential redesign and remodel we want you to think about some hot remodeling trends for 2012.

First, while the economy is improving, design/build firms are still seeing more folks sticking with their current surroundings rather than “trading up” for bigger, better living spaces. That by no means indicates homeowners should settle for less, though.

The good thing about staying put is that you can assess your individual needs and devise a custom design/build plan that’s ideal for your family’s needs. According to a recent National Association of Home Builders survey, more than 60 percent of the contractors polled said they were involved with a remodeling project related to aging, which brings us to trend #1—the in-law suite.

With more Americans living longer, more productive lives, it may make sense to move your aging parent or other relative into your home, giving them a separate, posh living space all their own. RemodelWerks will work with you to design a custom in-law apartment with the wow-factor that’s craved!

Also, high gas prices may factor into folks’ decisions not to take long trips via the roadways or the friendly skies to their vacation destinations. Not traveling for the summer because you don’t want to dole out too much money to cover the fuel costs? No problem! Why not create a backyard oasis that affords you a luxurious outdoor living experience without having to spend money on the gas to get there? You guessed it, trend #2 is creating a backyard haven—think attractive, sleek decks and a gourmet grilling kitchen to get your design juices flowing!

Finally, when it comes to kitchen redesign, one trend is to think about making your kitchen “smart.” Of course, investing in high-end countertops made from granite, marble or other fabulous products and high-end appliances will make your resident chef happy, but RemodelWerks also recommends moving much of your kitchen operations undercover—think customized utility rooms and pantries. By incorporating extras like these into your kitchen redesign, you’ll have more space to prep and to entertain—which is always so important, regardless of design trends!

RemodelWerks is here to help you determine which residential design trends to bring into your home. Set up your free, no-obligation consultation with us today!