Remodeling Cost-Value Analysis: Something Every Homeowner Should Consider

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home, you’ve got a big decision to make. Home renovations require a fair amount of planning and financial preparation. Here at RemodelWerks we understand that and encourage our clients to take a focused look at the types of home renovations that will work best for their families and for their financial portfolio. For starters, think: What’s the likely return on investment during resale? Read more

Tips for Creating a Luxurious Basement Bedroom Retreat

If your family is running out of space, it could be great time to consider adding a basement bedroom to your home. The benefits from a basement bedroom abound—by adding a bonus bedroom you can accommodate a growing family without having to move to a new house. Also, a basement bedroom can serve as a splendid retreat for your overnight guests to enjoy!

Many people think the basement is off limits when they’re thinking about expanding their living space, but RemodelWerks wants you to know that concerns about darkness and dampness can be alleviated with the expert know-how of an experienced and respected design/build team that stands behind its work with a generous guarantee on its remodeling work.

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Raising the Bar: ‘Sipping’ on These Basement Bar Remodeling Idea & Design Tips

Looking for basement bar ideas to set your basement remodeling project into motion? If so, great, says RemodelWerks, the premier 3D design firm in Massachusetts, custom building and remodeling firm for MetroWest and Central Massachusetts.

Basement designs often scream for a bar. Adding a basement bar is a great way to bolster the square footage to your living space and give your family and friends a hang out for socializing, playing games, and watching TV.

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