Questions To Ask Before Starting A Remodel

Recently we featured the questions every homeowner should ask before hiring a general contractor. But choosing the best professional for a project is just the beginning. What comes next is equally as important. You want to be sure you’re prepared for your project by following up with your contractor on the specifics. Consider consulting your contractor with these additional questions before any remodeling occurs.

1. How long will the project take? 

Not only is it important to understand when the project will start and end, but it is helpful to know if there are expected dates for material arrival. Every remodel is different, and the same goes for selections. However, no matter the selections be it flooring, cabinetry, etc, asking about anticipated dates reassures you as a client that there is structure and planning within the expected timeline. If for any reason the project extends longer, a schedule can exist as a reference for further understanding. 

2. What is the best way to communicate/What does your communication look like?

If you are living elsewhere during your remodel, knowing whether or not your contractor will update you on progress or setbacks might be of importance for you. How this communication will occur, whether over the phone (via text or call) or email will keep you on the lookout on the appropriate device. Additionally, asking how often you should expect to hear from the contractor allows you to be more flexible in your schedule if there are days/times he/she expects to provide an update.

3. Who will be on site, and how will they protect my property?

Depending on the size of your project or the scope of work, there may be a lot of people on site. If the number of people at your house is a concern, asking upfront before the remodeling begins helps you absorb the information at hand. With many people working, there are many tasks to be done. Knowing if and how someone will lock up your house at the end of each day can give you the peace of mind you deserve as a homeowner. 

This question can also pertain to how your items inside the house will be protected during renovations to prevent any damage. Will you have to temporarily move furniture out, or is it realistic to work around that which you are keeping? Understanding if there is anything you can do before the remodel to assist in the process or protection of any household items could help expedite the renovation process.   

4. Where do you store materials when they arrive?

Typically selections are chosen before the start of the renovation, making their ordering process more efficient. In the schedule, there may be dates already allotted for when materials will be ordered and how long they will take to arrive. Once they do arrive, knowing where they will be stored, if someone will be on site to confirm the order, etc helps assure the materials are protected. A contractor may confirm whether or not storing the materials on the property is acceptable or if it’s preferred they’re stored elsewhere.

5. Do you suggest finding a place to stay during the duration of the remodel?

Some homeowners prefer to live in the house during their renovations, but the task is certainly not for everyone. If you are still deciding on where to stay, consult your contractor. They know better than anyone the extent of the project and if it could affect the daily chores of your life. The primary construction that consists of loud drilling or constant movement around the space may occur during your own personal workday. So at the end of the day, even if you do come home to a renovation in progress, at least you’ll come home to quiet.

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