4 Elements of a Great Basement Entertainment Area

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Looking for ideas on what to include in your brand new basement entertainment area? Whether your basement is large or small, there are plenty of options on how to make it great for entertainment. When remodeling your basement for entertaining, here are four elements to include to make it a truly great retreat for your family and guests.


Space for Pool/Billiards, Ping Pong, and Other Tabletop Games


A basement entertainment area doesn’t seem complete without a pool table. Billiards are one of the most popular games played in basements, so why not have one in yours? Is pool not your thing? Having a ping pong table in the basement is another great idea. Believe it or not, basement ping pong even has its own rules!


Want both games but don’t have the space? You could get a convertible pool table or ping pong table. Not only could you go back and forth between pool and ping pong, but you could even have air hockey or other surfaces for other games. When designing your basement entertainment space, be sure to keep this area of flexibility in mind.


TV/Entertainment Center


Sometimes you just want to kick back and watch a movie or a favorite show. Basement home theaters are more popular than ever today. You could also build in a gaming center with consoles such as XBox and Playstation. There are many different ways to build a basement entertainment center. You can build it on a budget, or you can go all out by adding soundproofing for a true theater experience! Your contractor can provide you with all of the options.


Bar & Sink


Basement bars are one of the most sought after entertaining areas for the home. They can be big or small, with a little or a lot of seating. Any basement bar should be complete with a sink and probably at least a small fridge. You could even make space for a dishwasher if you’re planning on having lots of guests. Ask your contractor what would work best for your home.


Bathroom with Possible Shower Stall


Extra bathrooms are welcome in any house. Who wants to run upstairs for a bathroom break? If games of ping pong get particularly competitive in your home, you may want a hot shower afterward. In that case, it’s not hard to have your contractor install a shower stall. Just be sure to have the necessary plumbing!


While not every basement may have room for all four of these elements, a great basement remodeler will work with you to create a basement entertainment area that you won’t believe is actually inside of your own home!