How to Successfully Remodel YOUR Kitchen

The kitchen is typically where you’ll see the highest financial return on your investment, putting time and money into this room makes sense. When remodeling a kitchen, it is important focus on functionality as well as making the space beautiful. Here are our suggestions for remodeling your kitchen to fit your needs.

What Are You Going to Do in The Room?

Of course, you will be cooking, but that’s not all. Before remodeling, create a list of how else you will use the room. Do you want to entertain and have your guests gather in the kitchen? Consider a large island with plenty of seating. Do you love your morning coffee? Maybe a coffee bar is a worthy addition.

Sneaky Storage

In our opinion, you can never have enough storage places. When designing your cabinets, consider how you will want to store your items and appliances. Find a cabinet designer who can suggest ideas for hiding your appliances but also make them easily accessible for when you need them!

Add Personal Touches

Your kitchen is most likely a room you and your family will spend a lot of time in, make sure you make it a place you want to be! You can do this by adding personal touches to the room, displaying a piece of art or your favorite cookbook is a great place to start.

Don’t Forget Lighting!

The kitchen is a room where lighting is crucial. Lighting helps show off your design elements and helps you see when using sharp tools. For your kitchen, evaluate the work areas and focus on providing each spot with the light it needs. Consider adding lighting directly above all the main work areas.

Whether you’re considering simple updates to your kitchen or a complete remodel be sure to take the time to focus on functionality and making it a beautiful place for you and your family to gather!

Four Simple Steps for Your Modern Kitchen Remodel

Looking to update your aging kitchen? If your home was constructed in the 1950s—and many homes in the Northeast were—you’re not alone. Back then homeowners had a much different lifestyle than they do today. The kitchen was generally used exclusively for the utilitarian function of cooking the meals. Now, the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.

If your home was built back then, chances are your kitchen is closed off. Opening the space up is a wonderful way to pump new life into that heart. And, even if your home was built more recently, like in the 1980s or 1990s, your kitchen may be more spacious, but it could lack the sleek updates you crave for the kitchen of today.

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