Home decorating and decor trends

For the year 2016, there are plenty of home decoration designs that have proven to stand out among the rest. This year, many home owners are looking for designs and styles that not only make their living space comfortable, but also stylish. Here are some of the most common home decorating and décor trends that are spicing up many homeowner’s living space.


  1. The use of graphic tiles

This is one great trend that may come to pass with time, but not any time soon. Graphic tiles help homeowner’s make their living space have that ‘big statement’ effect. With graphic tiles, the limit to the colors and patterns that can be implemented in home décor are infinite. As a homeowner, one should find graphic tiles that they can live with for a long time because they are quite durable. They are an art and investment that graces the walls of the living space for years.


  1. Adoption of kitchen islands with seating

Incorporation of kitchen islands with seating space into kitchen decoration is one of the most common trends in 2016. Unlike the traditional homes where the kitchen’s sole purpose was cooking, today’s kitchens have many purposes. A well designed and furnished kitchen island not only works as the perfect kitchen décor, but it also provides additional seating space where the family can have breakfast at.


  1. Use of sectional sofas

Today, people are designing their living spaces in ways that they can be easily used. People are doing away with the traditional form of a formal living room. Homes are now opting to create spaces where the owners can hang out with their friends and family in a comfortable way, unlike in the case of a formal living room.


  1. The use of statement light fixtures

In many cases, light fixtures are known to be exceptional pieces of art. One can have some very simple living space, but the moment an artistic and stylish light fixture is added to it, it automatically boosts the room’s atmosphere and presence. The use of statement making light fixtures is a common trend in 2016’s homes decoration and it seems like it’s here to stay.


  1. Open and airy living spaces

Most families today are opting for open living spaces where for example, you find that a person sitting in the living room can easily see and communicate with another in the kitchen. This is because today’s families are very busy and multitasking has become the norm. They are therefore looking to have clear views of what’s going on in the home from anywhere.


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