Sunrooms and Three Season Rooms as a Cooking and Entertaining Space

Have you ever thought of building a sunroom as your outdoor party space? Maybe you have an existing one that can be redone for that purpose. Instead of a simple seating or gardening area, your sunroom can actually serve as a full service outdoor kitchen and entertainment area. Keep your guests coming back with everything in one place. Here’s how.

Extra Cooking Space Without the Outdoor Weather

Too hot out? Maybe it’s raining on your parade? Not to worry when your outdoor kitchen is essentially indoors – in your sunroom. You obviously don’t want to smoke out your guests. So, your outdoor sunroom kitchen should include cooking areas that use electricity, rather than charcoal. There are more ways to do this than you might think. Talk to a remodeling and addition contractor to find out the latest innovations.

Keep the Party Outdoors

If you enjoy the outdoors, the sunroom is still an awesome place to build in a kitchen and entertaining area. With easier access to the yard, you and your guests get all the benefits of an outdoor party without being limited to just the outdoors. This way, guests who wish to be outside won’t have to go far and those who prefer the indoors can stick to the sunroom. This keeps people more social, as it’s easier for everyone to communicate.

Sunroom Feature Ideas

Cook tops are a great kitchen addition for sunrooms, as it eliminates the need to go in and out of the house while preparing food for your guests. The same can be said for griddle and grill tops that use electricity, rather than charcoal. This keeps things both convenient and social.

Another idea is to install a small powder or half bath. This is more convenient for guests and helps keep the mess outside, rather than in your main living space. These are especially handy if you have a pool or if guests have small children or will be over long periods of time.

Outdoor furniture, such as tables and ample seating is obvious. However, one may not always consider built-ins and fold-outs, which can be extremely convenient. Others may also decide to have a small mud closet area for guests to use during get-togethers. A pool table, card table, outdoor theater or stereo, and other entertainment-related amenities may be another choice.

Deciding What’s Best For You

When imagining your entertainment sunroom, think about the things you and your guests enjoy the most. Also, consider the space available to decide which features you need most, as well as those you can do without. If your sunroom is small, consider built-in options with high storage and shelving to maximize the space. A fancy entertainment space is nice, but only if you’ll use all of the features. Be sure to choose the best features for your personal idea of outdoor fun. Your contractor can help you figure out what works best with your budget, needs, and style. It helps to write all of your ideas, wants, and needs in a notebook when meeting with them. This way, nothing is forgotten in the final design.