Working From Home – Creating an Office Space

Currently working from home but don’t have a space to call your office? We’ve got you covered. RemodelWerks can help you optimize your office space and make working from home optimal!

When first creating your dream space, it’s a must to find a quiet corner of the house. Try to create your space away from all distractions. Any corner of your house can become your at home office, whether it be under the stairs, the corner in your family room, part of your walk in closet, you can virtually make anything your dream space.

In the past, RemodelWerks has created some of the best work at home offices, whether it be located in someone’s kitchen or in a space next to their bedroom, it’s really your preference of where you want to work. Who doesn’t want to just roll out of bed and walk 10 steps to their work space? Definitely the best commute anyone could ask for.

If you want a space where you feel motivated to work, try to put it near the window. Nothing beats natural daylight. Plus, on a nice day, you can open up the window to hear the birds chirping or for a fresh breeze. Along with that, fill your space with fresh plants and flowers to bring some life to your office.

To stay organized, you’re going to need to do two things: create a filing system and create a place to put junk. That’s right, not the trash. You never know what papers you may need from your work in the future. If your desk is doing double-duty for both work and personal purposes, you need to keep things organized like this. Purchase a filing cabinet and use separate drawers for business and personal files like bills, to make sure that nothing gets mixed up.

Working from home can be a blessing in disguise. If you need help creating a functional office space, contact RemodelWerks today and get started! For more tips and tricks on how to remodel your home, follow us on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Commercial Remodels Can Present Unique Challenges

No one wants to find out that their planned design/build project is going over schedule. It’s bad enough when it happens to a homeowner, but the delay can prove particularly disastrous when the client is a commercial business, and especially when that business provides health-related services. Doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other medical professionals can’t leave their patients “in the waiting room” while renovations are being completed!

Take a recent “10-Day Challenge” Joe Kupstas, now owner of RemodelWerks, spearheaded. This was a 10-day remodel project of Dr. John Scheffel’s Worcester-based podiatry practice.

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