The Design Build Process – What is Design/Build?

If you follow us on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) or have browsed our website, you may have noticed we refer to ourselves as a Design/Build company. We also always reference our award-winning Design/Build process. If you have been wondering what that means or what the benefits are for working with a Design/Build company are you have come to the right place!

What is a Design/Build Process?

Design-build is where the design-builder, enters a single contract with the owner provides both design and construction services. In all other project delivery systems, there are separate contracts for design and construction. The single contract for both design and construction is the design-build distinction. RemodelWerks is a premier 3D design, custom building and remodeling firm specializing in all aspects of interior and exterior design and remodeling on residential and commercial projects.

What are the Benefits of Working with A Design/Build Company?

With the design-build process, the design is being done by a builder who knows what everything costs. A budget target is established at the beginning of the process. As the design is developed with you, cost of various features is discussed along the way. If you want to add an expensive feature, RemodelWerks will tell you what it would add to the project to do that.

Money can be saved during the planning of the project (and elsewhere) because your builder can tell you what you would save if you did not put a particular feature in, or traded features to get something included that is more important to you.

The design-build process avoids surprises at the end of the design work. You know what things will cost and you simply proceed into the construction phase.

What are 3D Renderings?

RemodelWerks takes it even further with our state-of-the-art 3D Renderings. Our Designers present you your remodel and you can see exactly how it will look before we go into build. Changed your mind on those white cabinets? Easy fix! Want to explore different kitchen ideas? We are here for that!

Our mission as a Design-Build company is to collaborate with you and execute your dream remodel. We want to make sure you love your design BEFORE we go into build. The goal is for you to love your space! Interested in learning more about how our Design/Build process can work for a remodel in your home? Contact us today.