“I highly recommend Remodelwerks. They turned our basement into a dreamy family hangout and party room. For the last several years, our basement has been serving as both a spider refuge and a trash receptacle. But I had big plans and dreams for the space. When we were finally able to tackle the basement, no amount of remeasuring and redrawing would fit all of the ideas I had. In desperation, I called Remodelwerks- and I told them all of my plans. They did not laugh. Instead they found a way to fit a little of everything that I wanted. We now have beautiful angles, a neat coffered ceiling. perfect trim, wonderful closets, my dream walk-in pantry, an extra storage room, a gorgeous zen bathroom, a zen hallway, and a ping pong and party room. At the same time they hid all of the duct work, supports and appliances that the builder had lazily (or for cost-saving measures) scattered around the open basement. And Remodelwerks did all of this without my having to complain to them about anything. Any problems we had along the way were addressed immediately and fixed. The design is better than I ever could have hoped, and the workmanship is topnotch. I think our basement actually looks better than the rest of the house now- in fact, it doesn’t even look like a basement.”

-Bedford, MA
Project Type: Basement Remodel


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Basement Remodel Bedford Ma