Are you thinking about building an addition onto your Milford, MA home? RemodelWerks, the premier 3D residential and commercial design/build firm in Massachusetts, is perfect for the job.

RemodelWerks is here to help you through the process of building a home addition every step of the way. We have the expertise to bring your vision to life, without adding on the costly expense of hiring an architect to design your home addition. RemodelWerks also uses breakthrough 3D technology to plot our designs so you can see what the finished product will look like long before we even begin building it.

Oftentimes, homeowners refrain from adding a home addition because they fear that the project will go on forever and the whole experience will be a major headache. RemodelWerks is committed to providing you with an estimated timetable in which the project will be completed – from groundwork, rough framing, installing heating and cooling units and drywall to applying the finishing touches.

RemodelWerks also knows that determining the size of your home addition can be a difficult decision to make. We recommend that you determine the estimated market value of comparable homes in the area with similar square footage and features that your home, with its new addition, will share. This ensures that you will obtain a good return on investment should you ever decide to sell your property.

RemodelWerks has built countless home additions. If you have any questions or concerns about adding on to your home, contact us. You can trust RemodelWerks to come up with a design/build plan that fits your budget, needs and lifestyle. It is our goal to provide every one of our customers with excellent service and we offer a five year guarantee on all of our work!

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