Using Design Build to Find the Best in Reclaimed Building Materials

One of the greatest home remodeling trends in recent years has been the rapidly growing use of reclaimed and recycled building materials. There are so many materials available today that it can be very hard to choose. If you work with a design build firm, however, it’s quite likely that they will have connections that will hook you up with the best deals available. Not only will this save materials from the scrap heap, but put a lot of money in your pocket.

If you’ve watched a lot of home remodeling shows, you’re probably aware of how many seemingly random materials designers and builders end up stuck with. Sometimes, this is purposeful. At times, it’s as simple as something is on the sidewalk and it just can’t be passed up. You never know what a future client may want, especially as a design piece. Other times, it’s not on purpose. Perhaps something was over-ordered or a design aspect or specification was changed and the materials are no longer returnable. These “designer specials” can save you money, too.

One of the major advantages of using a design build firm when it comes to reclaimed materials is figuring out how they can fit into your unique design situation. Design build teams often have connections with reclaimed furniture and salvage shops. It’s pretty incredible how much perfectly good material sits in these warehouses for years. You can use these networks to your advantage, not only in getting reclaimed materials, but any building materials for that matter.

Also, high quality reclaimed materials means you’re saving money by getting more bang for your buck. You can upgrade without paying a dollar more, or sometimes you can pay even less. In fact, if you look around yourself, you can probably find some cool stuff for free. Your design build team can help you figure out what you can actually use. It’s not really suggested to simply go shopping online on your own without making an informed decision. Design build firms can help you find the best deals on materials that will actually fit within the scope of your project.

Also,  here is a word of warning to those who go out hunting the streets for bargains . Be aware that not all reclaimed materials are created equal. Inherent in being discarded by someone in the first place, there may be certain quality issues you need to be aware of. This is why going through the network of a design build firm is a good idea, since they are dealing with reputable shops that are only going to offer the best reclaimed materials. If you’re trying to get reclaimed materials on your own, you want to check with your contractor first, no matter what it is.

Someone may be tearing down the house down the street and leaving out everything on the curb. You’ll want to have someone from your expert design team check it out. It could be a gold mine or complete junk not worth hauling away. Similarly, there are offers online for reclaimed materials, but the true quality is unknown and who knows when and if it will ever get to you. Be wary and only trust reputable dealers. Again, check with your design team first.

Your design build team is always looking out for your best interests. If they will save you time and money, quality reclaimed materials go a long way towards protecting your budget and the earth at the same time.