Ultimate Playroom Remodeling Ideas

Creating the ultimate playroom may seem like a tall task. But really, once you have a few key elements in place, you’re well on your way to creating a place that your kids will love. Whether you’re using part of a refinished basement, a spare bedroom or some other under-utilized space in your home for it, the ultimate playroom is a part of your home that your kids will enjoy for years to come.

Plenty of Storage

Before you get started with your playroom design, the first thing that any playroom needs is plenty of storage. Ideally, you want the kind of storage that at the end of the day is easily accessible and kid-friendly. Of course, kids don’t always pick up after themselves, so having toy bins and easy to pull out drawers to throw toys into at night makes cleaning up much easier.


Choosing a Theme or Themes

Once you know where you’re going to put everything, discuss with your kid or kids about what themes they would like to have in their playroom. A jungle theme is particularly popular, but there are limitless themes that you can choose from. Mixing and matching themes in different parts of the playroom is a good idea, too. Sticking too closely to a single theme can be an issue as kids grow out of certain phases in their lives, so mixing it up keeps things interesting for a longer time. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself remodeling for different themes all the time. If you want to stick to a single theme, try to stick to something timeless such as a treehouse or space theme.

Unusual Attractions

Based on the theme that you choose, you may want to build structures that fit with the theme, but can also be repainted or easily reconfigured in some way to serve different purposes. This could include a “theme” wall, which incorporates painted characters or other artworks. It could also be a mini-playground type of structure, such as a playhouse, complete with swing and slide. As kids get older, those smaller pieces can be removed and the house part expanded to serve as a sort of fort or clubhouse.

Mini Library

One of the most important things to have in a playroom is an area that promotes literacy. Having a mini-library with a small seating area is a great addition to your kids’ play area. It can also serve as an area to play board games or do arts and crafts. The more function you give this area, the more the kids will use it. Give your kids plenty of opportunities to be creative and learn in their ultimate playroom.


Entertainment Center

Of course, sometimes kids are going to need a colorful distraction, such as a movie or video game. Depending on your theme, you can get creative with the entertainment center furniture. Again, since kids tend to go through phases when it comes to interests, make sure you do something adaptable.

The trick with the ultimate playroom is to make it unique but also allow it to grow with your children. Don’t over commit to a single theme or you may find your kids growing bored with it, which is the last thing that you want.


What would you include in your ultimate playroom?