Choosing Flooring For Your Basement

This questions comes up a lot: “What type of flooring do you recommend for our finished basement”?


We’re going to answer this in a general sense. The real answer will come from a detailed design process in order to really give you our best recommendation. Most basements start out with concrete flooring. If you’re going to feel comfortable using your basement, the first thing you want to do is cover that up with something much more comfortable, useful, and appealing to the eye. Most importantly, you’ll need to consider the use of the space, and the possibility that some basements could be damper than your main living areas.


But how do choose the best options? When choosing flooring for your basement, there are some important things to consider.


Shrewsbury Basement Remodel 3D Rendering

(3D Rendering of a recent Shrewsbury Basement Remodeling Project)


What Will Your Basement Be Used For?
Before installing flooring it’s wise to think about what the space will be used for. For instance, Engineered Hardwood flooring or Vinyl flooring may work best for a basement area designed for a dance studio, dance floor for entertaining, or a yoga room. But if you’re using your basement space as a home theater, you might choose carpet for comfort. On the other hand, a kitchen basement may be better served by linoleum or tile flooring.


Do You Have Kids or Pets?
If you have kids or pets, chances are they might track who knows what onto the floor. Pets also might tear up carpet or scratch up other flooring surfaces. Those with pets should choose a flooring surface that will be easy to clean, as well as harder to damage than some others. Most people do not want to keep replacing flooring every time a child or pet does something destructive. Making appropriate choices can help avoid this and other issues in the future. You could think about tile, vinyl flooring, or even the right kind of Engineered Hardwood flooring.


What’s Your Personal Style?
Once all of the above points have been established, think about your personal style. You and your remodel contractor should come up with a flooring choice that not only works with the above issues, but also fits your style. After all, you will need to live with the design choice. Therefore, it should be something that makes you happy.


Break it Up
Depending on the size of your finished space, many homeowners will choose to have different floor types in different areas of the basement. Technology has advanced pretty far int he past decade, so many of the traditional flooring options may have similar products available in high traffic or high moisture situations.

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