Breaking Ground in Your Remodel Project Before Winter


Wintertime doesn’t have to ruin your remodel project. However, there are some steps you should take when you’re close to winter and in the process of a rehab. Breaking ground before the cold weather hits is essential. Doing so helps avoid costly delays and issues further along in the process. The hardest part about remodeling in the winter is getting the ground to cooperate. There are actually many reasons why it’s important to get started well in advance of those colder months.

Cold Ground is Difficult for Several Reasons

Digging is possible in colder weather, but of course, it will be much easier when the ground is not solid or covered in snow or ice. While digging may be possible, some other things may not work well in the colder weather and require waiting for the ground to become softer. Freezing temperatures can also create other problems, such as with concrete. It will not set properly below specific temperatures. Plumbing is another problem area when it comes to cold weather, as pipes can freeze and break. Anything related to water should be handled above freezing temperatures.

Stay Closer to Budget

Untimely delays and unexpected issues can sometimes eat into the budget. Breaking ground before winter can help avoid some of this. Help things stay on track by getting ahead of the colder weather and communicating openly with your contractor about all concerns and changes as quickly as possible. If you simply must do the remodel during the winter months, have your contractor complete the major outdoor and plumbing work done before the cold hits. Your contractor may need to put some things on hold if the work is started too late. Also, some things that are possible during cold weather may be more costly, due to the extra efforts required.

Certain Aspects May Be Put on Hold if You Wait

By hiring your licensed contractor to break ground before the colder months, you’ll avoid costly or inconvenient delays. Some things may need to be put on hold if it’s especially cold. For instance, it’s not a good idea to pour concrete when temperatures are below freezing point. If you have a bigger project, it’s wise to first take care of anything that requires working on areas that are exposed to elements. In most instances, these things would likely be first anyhow. However, if the contractor is not hired in time to complete them before cold weather, this is where the delays can come in.

Finish Faster Before Winter

One benefit to breaking ground before winter is the possibility of getting a project finished more quickly. When you aren’t worried about the weather, things are able to move along much faster. This isn’t to say things will always be perfect when it isn’t winter, as unexpected things are possible in any remodeling project. This could be due to unexpected discoveries, changes in materials or design, and more. However, avoiding cold weather can certainly eliminate a large variety of issues from the equation.