Maximizing Your Storage in Each Space

When it comes time to remodel your home and incorporate additional storage, understanding the primary function of the space is key to increasing efficiency. This includes knowing how many guests could occupy the space at any given time and if storage solutions need to be more decorative or standard. Here we shed light on the best places to plan your storage carefully. 

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Remodeling a kitchen can be a very daunting yet exciting venture. The best way to conquer a kitchen plan is to create three primary zones within the space. 

The first zone is centered around the refrigerator for the purpose of optimizing grocery unloading and meal preparation. Positioning the fridge nearest a garage or entryway and dedicating an island or ample counter space can assist with daily kitchen tasks.

A second area of importance is that which surrounds the sink. Since most food cleaning and preparation occurs near a sink, having a close proximity to the fridge and island is ideal. The cabinets in this area yield the best option for storing mixing bowls, utensils, and cutting boards, all things used to prep foods.

The last kitchen zone to design around is a range. Here is the best area to access additional appliances such as an oven or microwave. Allowing for deep drawers and doors around the range creates ease of storage for larger items such as pots and pans. 

Walk in Closet Conundrums

When planning a master closet remodel, the first item on the agenda is to evaluate how much storage you need given how many clothes and accessories you possess. For items that can be hung, group similar sized clothes to ensure the least possible room between each article. Rods are ideal below the highest arms reach, allowing ease of access and room for high, shallow shelving storage. Having open shelving significantly reduces the cost of customized closet storage and allows visibility to the clothes in your wardrobe.

Managing a Mudroom

To make the most use out of a mudroom, replacing rods and hangers with small hooks makes coat placement easier when exiting and entering the home. Additionally, having a bench or seating option to remove shoes prevents excess dirt from tracking onto hardwood floors. For any miscellaneous items, placing storage below the bench keeps a supposed mudroom clean. 


Finding and building storage space in the bathroom can be a hassle without thinking outside the box. Introducing ladder shelving that fits comfortably over the toilet or floating shelves are great ways to occupy empty wall space for towels and extra shower products. For items preferred to keep hidden, hanging pocket organizers over the door is a great way to provide subtle storage without crowding space.   

If space or lack thereof still has you struggling for storage, give us a call to optimize your home. Be sure to follow our social media pages Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for inspiration and completed projects.