The Value of A New Entry Door for Your Home

Did you know that front door replacement is one of the most cost-effective home improvements available? Not only is a great new front door a huge boost to your home’s curb appeal. But in dollar for dollar value, it gives you one of the best returns on investment of almost any other home improvement project.


A great entry door serves as a barrier from the elements and would-be intruders. It also adds additional charm and character to your home. There are many material options to choose from, including rich hardwoods (maple, mahogany, oak, cherry, etc.), steel, or fiberglass. Then, there are also many style options, such as raised panels or flat panels. There are also many different hardware selections to choose from to make the door that’s perfect for you and your home.


In terms of resale value, a new replacement entry door can recoup 75 percent or more of its cost. When it comes to resale value, replacing your front door is up there with garage door replacement and attic insulation. In particular, according to the national Cost vs Value survey in 2017, steel entry doors have recouped as much as 90 percent of their cost at the home’s resale.


Of course, if you’re not planning on selling your home, a new entry door has other benefits, as well. Curb appeal is a definite plus, but a strong entry door will also help with your energy costs. An old “leaky” door can cost you hundreds of dollars or more in heating and cooling costs. While many people would recommend ENERGY STAR certified fiberglass or steel entry doors, with proper installation and weatherstripping, new wood doors can still provide lots of energy savings.


Whatever entry door you choose, you also want to keep in mind the trim work around your door. Having master carpenters create seamless moldings that beautifully integrate the new door into your home goes a long way to making your new entry complete. With a completely new front door and surround, your home’s exterior gets an instant facelift that you can enjoy for many years to come.