Innovative Plumbing Solutions in the Kitchen

Using innovative plumbing solutions can help give your kitchen more style and convenience. A few small changes, such as built-in filtration, handy attachments, and faucet upgrades will turn any kitchen around easily.  

Add Whole-House Filtration to Save on Bottled Water

Did you know filtration for your whole house can be just as affordable as single-sink filtration?  If having a water filter is important to your area, consider installing a filtration system that spans the entire home. They’re small and can save a ton of money and time spent on attaining bottled water.

Draft Beer Towers Can Help Get-Togethers Run Smoothly

Anyone who has a fair amount of social gatherings knows how crazy it can get serving drinks. Adding a draft beer tower, in addition to the normal bar sink can help reduce time spent serving. Guests can easily serve their own beverages or you can do it yourself with less hassle.  

Faucet Attachment Water Fountains Create Fun and Save on Dishes

Everyone should stay well-hydrated. Sometimes, this means the glasses and cups pile up, with barely enough time to wash them before they’re dirtied again. This is especially true if your household members are active or you have more than a couple people in your family. What fun kids and adults alike will have drinking out of a handy attached fountain, such as the Kwik Sip. This makes drinking water more convenient and gives everyone more motivation to do so.

Save Time With a Pull-Down Spray Bar Faucet and Soap Dispenser

With all the faucet options available today, it can be difficult choosing the one that works for your needs. However, the latest popular pull-down spray bar faucets seem to be a good fit for most any lifestyle. Whether you have a lively social life, an active family, or intimate gatherings, the pull-down feature can save loads of time. Rather than having a separate sprayer and pulling out an unsightly bottle of dish soap or hand soap, the soap can go directly in an attached dispenser and the faucet itself detaches and pulls down to act as a sprayer with a simple, quick action. This is a lifesaver when you have kids or when you have social gatherings, with multiple people waiting to be served.

Farmhouse Sinks Add Style and Convenience

Farmhouse sinks are making a huge comeback. They’re large enough to do just about anything. Yet, they have a certain style and charm that comes with no other type of sink. These handy old-fashioned sinks come with old-style charm and are available in all sorts of styles and colors. Custom options are also available. Double-bowl farmhouse sinks seem to be the most handy, as you have two sides to work from at once. On the other hand, if you rarely use two sides at the same time, one bowl may be best for you. They come in deep and more shallow options, as well. Talk to your kitchen contractor about your needs, so that you can both figure out what works best in your situation.