Avoiding the Cookie Cutter Kitchen

Everyone wants their kitchen to be unique. I’ve gone into a lot of kitchens over the years and so many of the remodels I have overseen often began with a cookie cutter variety kitchen. With my remodeling company, I’ve always stressed creative remodeling solutions with input from the homeowners in creating a unique and efficient space. Cookie cutters simply don’t work for us.

The problem with cookie cutter kitchens is that one size does not fit all. Even when dealing with older homes, I’ll still find bargain basement cabinetry with uninspired layouts. Some of them are even not that functional in daily life due to slave constraints. Cheap countertops and hardware I find all too often in homes that deserve much better. With many homes in New England, especially Massachusetts, often having fairly high property values, the kitchen is no room to skimp on.

Bargain Basement Options Can Be Too Limited

Past budget remodels that have come from big box stores or bargain basement cabinetry outlets rarely allow for creativity or much flexibility. This is mostly because in order to keep their prices low, these places have limited access to particular lines. You’re pretty much stuck with package deals. These can leave you with cabinets or countertops that you don’t really want or may not be quite what you need.

Creative designers can try and make the best of it, but there’s a difference between being budget-conscious and simply choosing what seems to be the cheapest option. You may have to wait much longer than expected, plus you can’t necessarily be sure of the quality of installation.

If you’re on a tight remodeling budget, I look at it this way. My team and I look at what you have in your existing space that’s available for reuse. It’s always best to be creative with the existing pieces. We’ve reused many cabinet boxes and countertops over the years because there was nothing wrong with them. The kitchen can still be reorganized and made over while utilizing existing materials. Especially when it comes to cabinetry, repurposing can save a bundle.

Staying on Budget, Still Making It Work

Being on budget is the most important part of any remodel. This is why we scope out the entire project before we get started. We can allow for any potential difficulties or delays the project may face.

Once the budget is set, the essentials are fleshed out. It’s from there that we set about filling in the blanks and finding creative solutions to get your kitchen to where you’d love it to be. Plus, you can count on my expert installers to get it all put together correctly.

In the end, it’s all about the design. It’s making sure that the blueprint incorporates everything you’re looking for at the best possible price point. Cheaper is not better when it comes to kitchens. Affordability can happen while still using high-quality materials that fit your plan.

My remodeling team and I specialize in affordable creative remodeling solutions. We’ll work closely with you to build a kitchen that works on any budget. You don’t have to worry about having a cookie cutter kitchen any longer.