How to Build a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Does your bathroom not work well for your kids? Do you find yourself worried about the kids not being able to get what they need while keeping them away from what they don’t? You may find that your bathroom needs a remodel in order to make it work for the entire family. Here are some ways to make sure that you build a kid-friendly bathroom.

Kid Safety

The major concern with making a bathroom kid-friendly is safety. Keep potentially toxic items, dangerous appliances and wall outlets out of reach on purpose. Those they can reach you should use outlet covers or child safety locks. Cabinets with items you don’t want them getting to should also be out of reach and equipped also with child safety locks.

In the tub and shower, you should consider safety tiles or a textured safety mat to prevent slipping. This isn’t just good for kids, but it’s especially important to make sure that kids are safe in a potentially slippery spot. It helps that these safety features come in fun designs that kids will
enjoy, but also can match just about any bathroom decor.

Also, having handles or grips in the bath or shower is another good safety feature, one that many newer bathrooms already include for universal design reasons. You may even consider grips on the wall near the sink and toilet for additional safety.

Convenience for Kids

Bathrooms usually are designed with adults in mind, leaving kids to have to reach for what they might need. One easy way to make your bathroom kid friendly is to get a hideaway stool. This way the kids have it when they need it, but it can be out of the way the rest of the time. Towels and bath needs for the kids should always be in easy reach. A good solution is to build a cabinet just for their stuff, easy to access for them and eliminating the need to have them need to access anywhere else. This way you know that the kids always have their shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other hygienic needs.

Reaching the faucet can also be an issue in the bathroom for kids. You may consider installing a faucet extender on any sinks to solve that issue. Also, as hard, metal surfaces can be unsafe, you may also consider installing spout protectors on the shower and tub. Depending on your faucet, some faucet extenders can double as spout protectors. So in some cases, you may be able to solve both issues with just one installation.

Adding Fun to the Bathroom

There are plenty of creative ways to create more fun in the bathroom for kids. You may consider purchasing a toy net or build a built-in cabinet for children’s bath toys. Built-in caddies in vinyl or tile are another creative solution for storage. Also, just having a fun, bright decor can make trips to the bathroom much more fun, especially if it’s a bathroom primarily used by just the kids.