Why Have an In-Law or Above-Garage Bedroom Addition?

Have you ever considered an in-law addition? Whether you need a selling point for potential buyers, a private guest area, or you simply need extra space for renters, building an in-law addition can help.  Those and many other factors make them worthwhile. Here are some of the main reasons people choose this type of addition.

In-Law Additions Can Be An Alternative to a Home for Aging Parents

stock-footage-caucasian-grandchildren-joining-their-grandparents-using-a-laptopIf you or your significant other have one or more aging parents considering a home or even senior housing, an above-garage addition might help them out. It may be either more affordable or more convenient to have them stay with you instead. Giving them their own space may help them feel more independent. It will also be more private, since they’re adults. Some seniors also may require home care nursing and feel more comfortable being near you for support. At the same time, thus support can come with the ability to also have privacy when warranted. This helps ease stress for all involved parties. Other friends and loved ones may also feel more secure knowing you’ve provided this place for your in-laws or parents.

Extra Space Adds More Value to Your Home

The more extra space you have in your home, the more valuable it becomes to potential buyers. This can help you earn more if you ever decide to sell your house. In-law and above-garage additions are one of the easiest ways to do this. Large families or people looking to rent out a portion of their home will be looking for homes with these additions.

Additions Can Be Used For Rental Income

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In-law additions usually contain their own bathroom and kitchen and can easily be  used to earn extra income. The number of rooms will depend on the amount of space you are able to build on. If you can give this space a separate entrance, this can maximize income potential. A professional design/build contractor can help you figure out what works best for your specific home and needs. Not every municipality may allow your addition to be a rental space – ask your local authority.

Use The Space For Temporary or Long-Term Guest Quarters

Do you have friends or relatives that might visit you and needs a place to stay overnight or longer? Rather than paying for lodging, you can provide them with a more comfortable and convenient space. This can be nice for people with just a few loved ones who visit or many. It’s also nice to have extra space in case someone you know falls on hard times and needs somewhere to stay temporarily.

College Students Living At Home Can Have Their Own Space

If your kids have grown into adults but haven’t yet moved out, they likely want their own space. However, living the college life can be rough. Oftentimes, it saves money and other headaches when a student stays with their parents during these years. Above-garage additions are a great way to accommodate this need. Your student will have their own apartment without the extra cost and you can rent it out once they leave home. This is especially convenient if you live in the general area of their school.