An Award-Winning Addition (Again!)

The RemodelWerks team has done it again, having added another award to its growing list!  The company received a 2019 Best in American Living Award for its Residential Addition in Medfield, MA. The Best in American Living Awards showcase industry professionals that engineer current and creative designs for today’s homebuyers.  

The importance of professionalism and dedication to craft is recognized with the presentation of the award. Winners were selected by a panel of eight judges consisting of building professionals from around the world on the fulfillment of distinct criteria. 

The criteria for Best in American Living Award (Remodeling, Whole Home, Additions, and Historic Preservation) includes both interior and exterior design, exceedment of client’s needs, and innovative solutions among other qualifying considerations. 

In RemodelWerks’ Medfield, MA Residential Project, a seamless addition was in store to accommodate a busy family of five. A vision for form and a design for function were necessary to achieve a sleek, modern addition and kitchen renovation that paired with the existing facade effortlessly.

The award, given on behalf of the National Association of Home Builders Design Committee and the 2019 Best in American Living™ Awards judges, will be presented in Las Vegas on February 20, 2020.

On January 22, 2020, the award level – Platinum, Silver, or Gold – will be announced during the International Builders’ Show® for winners to receive the following month! Stay tuned for more. 

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