Shrewsbury Remodelers Use Digital Media to Boost Customer Satisfaction

The demand for remodeling services in Shrewsbury has risen significantly over the last couple of years. Kermit Baker, a director for Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard said that recent data shows the need for remodeling services may surpass the peak in 2007. Competition is increasingly in line with the market, which is forcing remodelers to leverage new digital media to improve the quality of the services that they provide.

How Will Digital Technology Affect the Remodeling Industry?

Since the Massachusetts remodeling industry is on the verge of rapid market growth, contractors must offer their services more efficiently and find more effective ways to reach customers. There are a number of ways that they are taking advantage of new technology to reach their goals.

Bruce Case, president of Case Design/Remodeling, told CNBC that social media has been a very effective outlet for reaching new customers. “Most of us got into this remodeling business because we love the smell of sawdust, we love design, we’re passionate about homes,” said Case. “Now we have to be experts in social media and all these other platforms.”

Social media isn’t just more efficient for finding new leads. It is also becoming essential for earning trust and bidding against other competitors. Consumers have abandoned using the Yellow Page and started turning to platforms such as Yelp and Houzz to locate contractors. There are a number of reasons these websites are preferable to the old Yellow Pages:

  • Contractors can update their information immediately, which makes it easier for customers to reach them.
  • Customers can view feedback from other homeowners, which helps them choose the right contractor.
  • These websites can be accessed on any device in a matter of seconds.

These websites are clearly simplifying life for both homeowners and contractors throughout Massachusetts. They are even playing an important role for the remodeling industry in Shrewsbury and the surrounding area. There are currently 406 contractors in the area listed on Yelp. Feedback among prior customers shows that the quality of these remodelers varies considerably, so these sites make it much easier for customers to make unequivocal comparisons.

At Remodel Werks, we have found that sites such as Houzz have been especially beneficial. They have helped us draw more qualified leads, so we can work with the clients that are the best fit. We have also received great reviews from previous customers such as this:

“We would highly recommend Remodelwerks. Joe and his crew created a fantastic entertainment room in our basement. We are very pleased with the result, and our kids and their friends love this new, appealing space of their own. Mark and Ron did the majority of the work. These guys are hardworking, skilled, and professional. It was a pleasure having them in our home. Remodelwerks attended to every detail, and Joe did an excellent job of designing and coordinating the project. He was at our home regularly to check on progress and kept us informed about the schedule. We will definitely hire Remodelwerks for future projects.”

Since people are highly influenced by feedback from other customers, we appreciate receiving such reviews. They prove that we take pride in the work that we deliver to our customers.

6 Simple Master Bathroom Addition Ideas that Offer Great Luxury

Many folks these days are building additions onto their home including master bedroom and master bathroom additions. Our designs include a variety of uses include master bedroom additions over existing garages, 2-story additions adjacent to the home, or even master bedroom / master bathroom additions on the ground level in preparation for the ability to stay at home during post retirement.

bathroom-lighting-ideas-fancy-bathroom-lighting-ideasHectic lifestyle can really impact our health and mind and therefore many homeowners today look out for luxuries that they can add to their home that can allow them to escape and kickstart their day in a better way. Creating your own master bathroom plan can be exciting, but it certainly needs some planning based on your budget and requirements. This will help you to be sure that you’re not overspending, but at the same time you have the luxuries that you need to start your day in a better mood. Let’s take a quick look at some of the master bathroom ideas that you can focus on.

Flooring Options

While flooring is often ignored by most homeowners you need to make sure that you have the right flooring material for your master bathroom. This can make a great impact on how your master bathroom addition looks and you can choose from variety of options available in the market. However, the most popular options are tile flooring, granite flooring and linoleum flooring that you can use to personalize your master bathroom.

Appropriate Lighting

A dimly lit master bathroom in your new addition can make you feel dull at the start of the day or when you return home from work. You also need to work on the lights to ensure that they set the right mood and make you feel fresh. You can call in the experts that can ensure that the lights are placed at the right level and angle to get maximum brightness.

Shower Style Preferences

Different people have different opinions and therefore you need to think about the shower style you prefer. If you want more space you can go for open shower which usually requires a curtain. However, if you want a closed shower style you can choose from enclosed shower cubicles and other options that you can find in the market. However, do keep in mind your budget because some enclosed shower cubicles are quite expensive.

Luxurious Bath Tub

If you want more luxury you can also install a luxurious bath tub where you can have some private moments of peace. Relaxing in a bath tub can help you to relieve stress and allow you to feel better at the start of the day or when you are back from work tired and stressed out. However, ensure that the bath tub is not too big or too small for the space available in your bathroom.

Simple Fogless Mirror

What annoys most people is that they have to wait for few minutes for the bathroom mirror to de-fog after a hot shower. If you live a hectic lifestyle where every second counts then you have to opt for fogless mirror that stays fogless and allows you to checkout yourself.

Creative Cabinets

Various personal items in the bathroom addition can make the area look cluttered and therefore you need cabinets and shelves that can store all the items neatly. Creative cabinet layouts and more drawer space can ensure that you get the option to store more items while keeping your master bathroom clean and uncluttered.


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