Building Code Regulations for Creating a New Garage in Shrewsbury

A growing number of Shrewsbury homeowners have started renovating their properties over the past year. Garage renovations and additions are among the most popular home improvement that they seek. Unfortunately, there are a number of building codes that homeowners need to navigate before commencing on a project. Here are some of the key details that you need to be aware of.

Building Code Requirements for Garages

The requirements for new garages are outlined under Sectional-type_overhead_garage_doorthe State Board of Building Code Regulations and Standards. Some of the most important building code regulations are listed below. Although these are state laws, the Shrewsbury Building Inspector is responsible for overseeing and enforcing them. You can reach them at (508) 841-8512 if you need information beyond the scope of this guide. Your contractor will also be happy to provide additional information as needed.

Working with a CLS Contractor

According to 780 CMR, Section 108.3.5, any work that is done to a structural element of your property must be conducted by a contractor with a Contractor Supervisor License (CSL) if you want to receive the protections afforded by the CSL and HIC programs. Constructing or renovating a garage falls under the scope of this provision, so you should seriously consider hiring a CSL contractor. Otherwise, you have few protections if you have a dispute with your contractor.

Life Safety System Requirements

Massachusetts Building Code 780 CMR 5313 specifies that all garages that are attached to the rest of the house must have certain life safety systems in place. These include fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. They must include simulated voice and tone alarms to ensure homeowners are alerted of potential hazards. They must also have a backup battery in case the electric connection fails.

Understand Zoning Requirements

It is imperative that you understand the zoning requirements before building or renovating a garage. State regulations prohibit homeowners from storing more than three vehicles in a residential garage, so you don’t want to build a large garage for the sole purpose of keeping additional cars for your guests. The law also limits the amount of exposed ground in the garage to 10% of the lot size.

There are some additional regulations on storage of commercial vehicles and other factors that you need to be aware of. You should consult with your CSL contractor or the Shrewsbury Building Inspector if you need more guidance.

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Adding on to Your Shrewsbury Home

Hunting for a new house can be stressful and time consuming. One of the reasons people move is because they need more space.

Many people enjoy living & working in the Shrewsbury, Westborough, or Metro West Boston area.

Homeowners should consider adding on to their existing traditional-family-roomhome to avoid paying higher mortgage rates and to make their homes more valuable. Adding on to an existing home can add value to the property when deciding to sell it. The property will be more desirable to a potential buyer because it stands out from the other homes and offers additional features. Additional rooms can be very profitable to the seller. There are several ways to expand upon the property, but planning is the key.

Home owners should determine what the extra space is going to be used for. Consider areas of the house that are a priority. The extension should be determined based upon the needs of the household. A couple may need more room for the children or a larger work space. Extending the home does not only occur indoors. Outdoor extensions include patios, gazebos and front porches. For a warm climate area such as California pools may be a great investment.

This can be a big job to complete alone without expert advice. RemodelWerks is a Design/Build Specialist and we pride ourselves in making the process of adding on to the home a breeze and stress free. We will provide expert advice about the best location to make the extension within the home.

Have more questions about design or building your shrewsbury home addition? Should We Expand? How much additional square feet should we add? Will the design and scale of the addition fit in with our existing home? Can we handle the disruption that may come from building an addition?


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