Everything You Need to Know About Home Additions

In our previous posts, you’ve seen our most recognized works including Master Bath remodels and complete home additions. Given our most recent Master Design Award for a residential addition, we thought it was time to talk a little more about the main benefits of an addition and how they impact the resale value of the home. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about how, when, and why you should add an addition to your home. First let’s tackle why.

Why You Should Add an Addition

A home is one of the biggest investments most people will make in their lifetime. In keeping with the market, any home improvement project will increase the value of a home for equity or future resale. Not only does that mean more money in your pocket tomorrow, but it means more livable space for your family today.

More Space Equals More Future Savings

The biggest reason to consider building an addition to your home is to create more space. Whether for entertaining, expanding the kitchen, creating a guest space, or finally having a combined laundry/mudroom that isn’t tucked away in the basement, an addition can be built for any purpose. Consider the reasons you bought your home in the first place. Was it for the location? The curb appeal? The pricetag? No matter the reason, an addition makes enhancing your home far easier than entering the home-buying process all over again with more criteria and a smaller budget.

If relocating is on the horizon, adding an addition that appeals to today’s homebuyers can be the selling point, ensuring top dollar for your home. Expanding your kitchen can recoup up to 93% at the cost of resale, bathrooms 62%, and sunrooms 50% upon return on investment.

When to Add an Addition

When can you get started? The most popular times to remodel are during the spring and summer, however, the best times to remodel are during the months of off season. Here you’ll have your contractors full attention, as they will not be juggling multiple projects at once. With careful planning, any season can be a successful season for remodeling.

How to Prepare For an Addition

Our only advice is to first partner with a reliable design/build team to create a design that complements your floor plan and adds the space your family needs. A good team will communicate with you and help incorporate all your needs within an addition while having an awareness of at what cost. You may consider working with an interior designer to make minor updates to your home that match seamlessly with those of the new addition. If you are more drawn to the idea of separate designs, matching the flooring is the best way to create flow while still having the freedom to design the space independently of the rest of the house. 

Think you’re ready to start planning your addition? Have more questions for us to answer? Be sure to contact us for any of your homeowners needs and follow us on social media for more project pictures and the most recent blog postings!